The biological Science Laboratory is designed to provide a broad education in the fundamentals of the discipline in biological concepts. It also allows a selection of courses to prepare students for the future. It includes laboratory Resources like microscopy specimens slides of Anatomy, physiology, dissection of plants & animals. It promotes students learning & understanding by providing students with safe hands on practice in experimental biology. It provides a foundation for student success.


Computer Lab is well established with all required facilities in it. To bring modern technology in the college we have installed 50 new computers where 50 students can be accommodated at a time. Christ King Computer Lab is also one of the main exam centres for the II PU Students. Special computer courses and internet facilities are offered to the interested students.


Computer Lab

Chemistry lab is well equipped with standard glass wares for different experiments. It is also provided with classical equipments like Bunsen burners, Chemical balance, distribution unit, centrifuge, Shakers & mixers, Pipettes, Chemicals and reagents etc. The lab is specially designed with good chemical hygienic condition & Chemical waste management.


Chemistry Lab

Well established Physics Laboratory with all new equipments. This lab is sufficient for 30 students to do a lab at a time specially this is designed with a dark room for optics experiments. Sufficient equipments are arranged in the lab like optical bench. Electrical devices and components, balances and measuring devices. It helps students to develop practical skills with their theoretical knowledge.


Physics Lab