English Medium School


Christ King English Medium Primary School was founded by Rev.Fr.F.P.S Monis in 1989 with 3-4 energetic youth. It had 22 tiny tots then. Now the school has grown as a mighty tree comprising of KG., lower primary and higher primary sections and having the strength of over 1200 students. From 2016-17 onwards nursery section too will be added to the structure.
Here the state syllabus is followed and extracurricular activities like dance, karate, taekwondo, craft, abacus and computer is also provided as the optional subjects. The school caters to the needs of all children irrespective of caste, creed, and religion of almost 30 villages in and around Karkala, as it is situated at the heart of Karkala town. Some of the villages are Bailur, Kanajar, Belle, Kukkundoor, Ajekar, Muniyal, Nakre, Pattonjikatte, Borkatte, Jodukatte, Hawaldarbettu, Miyar, Sanoor, Nitte, Mala, Kadaari, Bajagoli, Tellar, Jodurasthe, etc. Students take active part in curricular and co-curricular activities and receive the prizes at the annual function held every year. Besides, our students move up still state and national level in sports, indoor as well as outdoor.