Literary Association

The Literary Associations aim at creating a love for the language and enhancing the student’s knowledge of the language through various activities. Selected students constitute the members of these Associations. They are trained to develop self-confidence in the fluency of the language and to participate in inter-school competitions. These activities incorporated with their curriculum, help the students to progress well in their studies.

Objectives –
1.To arrange cocurricular activities like a film-show, enacting a play-scene, etc. which would not only support students, study but also give them an opportunity for practical work.
2.To arrange competitions like elocution contest, essay-writing, book-review, etc. giving them an opportunity for self-expression.
3.To develop leadership qualities in the students by allowing them to arrange certain functions and shoulder responsibilities
4.To arrange the lectures of scholars on different contemporary issues in literature to update the subject knowledge of students.
5.To run spoken-English classes and to impart training in native English speaking in the language laboratory.

A Talk on Hindi Day ( Hindi Divas )