Head Mistress’ Messege

Mrs. Janet Lobo , Head Mistress, High School

                                                                                Sr.Madonna Peres, Head Mistress, Primary   

Dear Parents,

Christ King Institutions provides knowledge of all walks of life. It gives importance for the all-round development of students. Maintaining high quality of education is our prime moto. Every year we maintain excellent academic result. Along with that our students excel in different co-curricular activities and sports and games. For the promotion of student’s skills we conduct various programmes by experts of different field. We coach the students in sports and games. Because of this our institutions placed in distinct position.

Modern world is full of challenges. Education should be an equipment to overcome from these challenges. If we are not preparing our students in this line, then there is no cutting corner to success. Degrees are only certificates but in real life we should get some skills to get break through I believe this is only possible through full-fledged education system which forever the skills of all walls of life.