Rev. Fr. f.p.s monis, Founder

Fr. F.P.S Monis

Education is the right of all. Getting quality education with all facility and infrastructure is somehow hurdle because of various factors. I personally feel this should be available for all kinds of society, then only nation will be strong in future. Secondly English Education is need of the hour and many people are declained and only microscopic section of the society are able to get English Education. However, English education introduced in India before one and half century, this did not reach every corner of the society and become mass education. It is only concentrated in Towns and cities and in elite group of the society.
It’s our vision to provide quality English Education to poor and rural mass easily and in a non-commercial manner. We also believed if this type of Education reaches to nook and corner of the rural society, there will be improvement from below and nation becomes prosperous. We believed in the saying, “The Greatest Temple on the Earth is where the man is working for the mankind”. An Educational Institution has to provide education to all sections of the society irrespective of Religion, caste, colour and creade, then it becomes the real temple of the earth. Education institution should convey the values of unity, peace, integrity and harmony to the society and build up society with strong base.